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Whether you prefer an adventurous week of family activities, golf, tennis, and water sports; are a beach lover looking for a relaxing get-away; or a nature enthusiast looking to enjoy a wildlife sanctuary observing loggerhead turtles, alligators, deer, raccoons, along with  175+ species of birds or explore scenic forest land sheltered by palmettos, pines, live oaks, wild grape vines, and magnolias, Fripp Island is for you!  With 2 highly regarded golf courses, 10 tennis courts, 6 pools, a marina, restaurants,  shops, walking trails, fishing, boating, dolphin watching, biking, paddle boarding, kayaking, special community events, plus 3 miles of beautiful, uncrowded white sandy beaches, Fripp Island has something for everyone.  This beautiful 3,000 acre island boasts a rich history dating back to the 17th century, which legend has it includes pirates and hidden treasure. 

According to legend, the island was deeded to Captain Johannes Fripp, a notorious privateer, by England’s King Charles as a reward for his successfully defending nearby Beaufort, a coastal stronghold, from the plundering Spanish and French.  The island then became known as Fripp’s Island.  There is no documentation for this account or any record of grants from King Charles, but perhaps…?

Historical records indicate that in the early 1700s, the island was owned by Sarah Reynolds, an inheritance from her father.  She married William Fripp in 1820 and the island was used as a hunting preserve and became known as Fripp’s Island and ultimately Fripp Island.  Over a century later, a truck salesman named Jack Kilgore visited the island and decided to bet everything he had on a grand idea that would ultimately become what is present day Fripp Island.  Jack, along with a number of investors, bought the island for $524,000 and began development in 1961 with the building of a half-mile bridge connecting Fripp Island to the mainland which was completed in 1963.  By 1971, a golf course had been constructed, and homes started springing up.  A security guard station was added to protect the privacy and peaceful beauty of the island.  Today, 24/7 services are offered by the island’s fire department and EMT as well as Security Operations.  Various developers have owned the resort, made additions and improvements, and built it into what it is today—a popular vacation destination and a choice alternative to the busyness of overcrowded resort areas. 

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